Unspoken voices of a nameless idiom uttering ineffable words through the thrice-rising mystery of cold and flame, a truth silently locked within the most terrible veils of the abyss that emerge from the gaping void of raw untamed nothingness. Their nature is the fabric of nightmares imprinted within the soul of the living and the memory of the dead, an echoing memento of a truth no one longer dares to recognize; their names adversarial chaos burned deep into the flesh as agonizing wounds of lifetimes.



The Web of Wyrd
Threads of Fate
Weaving of the Norns


The Great Void
Primordial Abyss
Cataclysm of Ice and Fire


The Flaming Sword
Flames of Sinmara
Wand of the Dragon

Giants of the Ancient World

To the heathen cultures of Northern Europe, from a time before the arrogant spread of militant monotheistic religions, the Thursar were understood to be the primordial beings that emerged from the nothingness of the abyss; ancient dragons of indescribable power and limitless wisdom. They are the spiritual bloodline of Ice and Fire, colossal entities existing before cosmic manifestation and the creation of the universe. Amorphous by nature and innate shapeshifters they are magic given form and formlessness, not possible of being restricted or contained by any cosmic force, they cannot accurately be pinpointed by rational human understanding or the musings of the conscious mind. Chaotic destroyers and harbingers of numinous knowledge, they are the seeds of sorcery and bestowers of the blessings of dragon blood since a time before time, turning the machinery of the universe to the tune of their undecipherable agenda and singing the stygian song carrying a forgotten tale of the monstrous soul.

Their coined names of legend survived in poem and lore through classic Eddic and Skaldic literature of a later age, oftentimes cryptic with much of its essence lost and neglected or corrupted by the invading religions of the masses. There we find clues to the great fires of Sinmara and Surtr, the runic secrets of Bölthorn, the cunning lessons of Loki, the transgressions and magic of Heiðr and the piercing terror of Angrboða, the watchful eye of dreadful Móðguðr and the icy sovereignty of Hel as ruler of death… and ultimately, the veiled keys to a great and secretive maestro of Ragnarök known as Gullveig, who the Aesir attempted to destroy for three times and every time failed, ignorant of the immortal force they were dealing with. A tapestry of old legend and myth that only but faintly lifts the thick veil into the spiritual line of the ancient Thursar, the giants we came to know as Dragons. Amongst the unfortunate consequences of ostensible mundane politics and presumptuous religious exploitation during a time of a tribal continent with shifting allegiances, the old deities of a more primal and dangerous nature were eventually turned into the adversaries of the new gods and faith. Surviving in history as the evil opposers that even gods fear but yet seek for their wisdom and powers, turned into monsters and the dreadful embodiment of the devil, such is an historical development that appears mirrored under similar light in several other cultures of the world to the attentive occultist and anthropologist.


A vital element to this theurgical web of sorcery is found in the study of the three Thursian pillars known as the Norns or Nornir, responsible for the weaving of the alchemical fabric of existence through the invisible threads of fate; a subtle web that traverses both the cosmos and the underworld as the hallowed crossroads of spirit potentiating all magic. As with most primordial forces, these Thursar predate the rising of the World Tree of Yggdrasill and exist beyond incarnate conceptualizations of time, emerging through the lenses of various cultures such as the example of the Moirai in ancient Greece and Hellenic understanding, considering that the forces behind these named emanations are truly universal and transversal to all realities.

Even though this is a subject more apt for the grimoires and their close study, it is of certain relevance to explain that while the Primordial Dragon Tradition is that of an acosmic nature, in the sense that it strongly maneuvers within the realms of abyssal forces, the powers of otherness within the void and the elusive magic of the underworld, it is not at its roots an anti-cosmic path. The Dragon Current does not vehemently oppose all that is worldly like gnostic traditions that openly reject the cosmos and nature, even if their study may prove fruitful and honest as all wisdom is valuable nourishment to those of dragon blood. This path, despite its distinctive left-hand mysticism and the incorporation of forbidden sorcerous arts as well as transgressive philosophies, also honors the ancestral powers and cosmic families of the world, be them Vættir spirits of the land, the necromantic Draugr and diverse creatures of folklore, or the Nordic tribes of Álfar, Dvergar, Jötnar and Vanir, however not those of an intrinsic Aesiric predisposition or the emerging demiurgic forces of monotheistic faiths. This is an esoteric culture that unapologetically embraces and celebrates nature in its raw and untamed wildness, from the spirits of plant and animal to the gentle rain and raging thunder, listening to the primal voices of giants in the music of the wind and the song of mighty storm.

The giants, like any genuine draconian force, are not beings that should be approached lightly, for selfish motivations or without a solid foundation in responsibility and a balanced mind. It is a cautionary disclaimer that the simple contact with such powers, even though not easy or attainable ignorantly by any means, may become profoundly transformational and is bound to ignite an internal alchemy within the initiate that cannot be halted by any field of knowledge known to humankind. Such abyssal operations of the magical arts are what we describe as Thursian Sorcery, or more commonly known by the often misunderstood and thoroughly misrepresented concepts of Dragon Magic and the Dragon Arts, remaining an ancient craft considered taboo and forbidden within most occult circles.

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