The Triad

The Key is Triple. An initiatory secret of Three, bowing to the commanding voice of Dragon, Serpent and Shadow. A shapeless marrow of a nameless adage. Tenebrous depths of unspeakable void. Forgotten lessons of old. Rise, madness of the wise!



Lady of Death
Ice Queen and Legion of Niflheimr
Shadow of Silence and Death


The Dark One
Thrice Burned and Many Born
Dragon Storm of Ice and Fire


Abominating Flame
Ancient of Magic and Dark Moon
Serpent of Poison and Flame

Three Headed Dragon

The triple Goddess of the Triad is a Dragon with Three Heads and such is a mystery for the ages that cannot be decoded by the implements of language or the ordinary arrangements of the intellect; it is a code for the spirit to decipher and internally comprehend upon the silent altar of transcendence. Often designated just as The Triad, the Three Headed Dragon is the numinous manifestation of the Dragon Goddess and nexus of witchcraft manifested through the thrice-feared and thrice-accursed initiatory formula of Dragon, Serpent and Shadow.

The universality of the Path of the Dragon and how it emerges within different cultures throughout history is apparent in the diversity of paradigms within the tradition and its sorcerous emanations devotedly celebrated in various areas of the world, exemplifying the many cultus and private communities that devotedly follow this tradition.

The Triad

In here we illuminate the thaumaturgic formula of Dragon, Serpent and Shadow through the triple Thursian emanations of the draconian powers in Northern Europe. Gullveig is the Black Dragon and the central head of the Primordial Beast, the undecipherable blackness of raw power that nurtures the seed of immortality; She is the absolute otherness that the mundane mind cannot grasp or comprehend, as only through the pouring blood of the Dragon such voiceless voice can be heard as storm, chaos and devastation. This emanation is a natural shapeshifter of infinite faces that can be seen emerging in other forces known to the old Nordic peoples such as Angrboða, the mother of beasts in the realm of Járnviðr to the East of the underworld, but also found in other cultures of the ancient world such as Tiamat of Mesopotamia. Known as the Old One, the Dark One and the Nameless One, Gullveig emerges from demiurgic death and supernal slaughter as the ineffable Lady of Ice and Fire, the very numen within dragon blood and heart of the draconian current.

Heiðr as a draconian emanation of the Serpent is the ruler of Fire, initiatrix of transgressive magic and teacher of the forbidden arts; the terrifying cave of all abominations. She is the primordial flames from Muspellheimr in abyssal South and the hidden forces of war, torment and poison but also those of intense passion, desire and love. Her mysteries are the secrets of sacred sexuality and these emanations can be found veiled all over the world throughout different cultures and epochs, often shamed and defaced by the frightened forces of a corrupted patriarchy. Being particularly discernible in the so often misunderstood daemonic figures of Lilith and Naamah, the mother of abominations and ruling queen of Sitra Achra is a power frequently abused, exploited and misrepresented in contemporary esoterica but of great importance within the Path of the Dragon. Through a sterile approach to mysticism and magic, perpetuated by uneducated attempts to sanitize and censor witchcraft to make it more palatable, tame and safe to a wider audience of no skill and merit, modern examinations of Lilith vehemently remove all of the adamantly dangerous, immoral and uncomfortable sides that make this Serpent force such a potent entity of communion not to be approached lightly. This often results in the widespread of teachings that bear no genuine fruit and a frail approach that has no place in this tradition. Looking to the East we find emanations of the Serpent in the deific masks of Inanna from Sumer, Kurukulla of India and Tibet, and the great Inari Ōkami from animistic Shinto in Japan, honorably revered at our local Asian communities of the Primordial Dragon, among countless other spiritual effluences visible to those capable of peeking beyond the veil with the aid of the Eye of the Dragon.

As the left head of the Primordial Dragon the initiate finds Hel, the Shadow, an embodiment of death and ruler of Ice. The queen of Niflheimr and its deadly entourage faced through the West gateway of the abyssal circle of sorcery, Hel presents the necromantic mysteries of the grave, mound and labyrinths of the underworld, the magic of the cold and teachings of the lonely path; She is the restless obscurity during the darkest nights of the soul. Seeing some of the most valuable spiritual reflections in the tantric cults of Kali in India, emerging as the cipher of timelessness and silence, the Shadow is present in nearly every culture known to humanity, oftentimes in a flawed or incomplete understanding filtered through the cultural lens of clergy and the religious perspective of the time and place. One finds significant examples of such study in the Morrígan from Irish mythology or the triformis, chthonia, drakaina and aimopotis epithets of Hekate in Greece and Anatolia, as well as the older manifestation as Ereshkigal in ancient Mesopotamia. All can be approached as historical reflections of the Shadow of the Dragon, with the hindsight of wisdom that they are not the raw primordial emanation of this abyssal power, but vehicles of ingress and devotional congress; imperfect shards of the mortal mind as such is the illusive nature of higher understanding when locked within a cage of matter through the blinding cycles of reincarnation into flesh.

However, in these labyrinthine examinations it remains important to underline that such deific forms and deities are not all necessarily the same and should not be approached simplistically through analogous magical operations of a soft polytheistic understanding, but yet as forces that manifest very authentic emanations of the same Primordial Dragon head in this intricate primeval cosmology.

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