Primordial Dragon

Piercing through the abominable veils of relentless shadow; Dragons soaring across the ethereal fabric of numinous existence as the unfathomable arcanum of menacing tempest, carrying the venerable Flames of primordial Ice and Fire through the obscure cosmos of the underworld.


The Shadow

Draconian Seed of Ice

The Dragon

Draconian Seed of Immortality

The Serpent

Draconian Seed of Fire

The Path of the Dragon

Mythology of Dragons and their ageless mysteries are found in most ancient cultures of the world, often met with intense emotions of fascination, reverence and respect but also silently stirring an unspoken heightening of inner terror and dread. These are the secretive branches of the noble art of traditional witchcraft; a sacred tree of relentless death and honorable life, emerging from the abyssal flames of perpetual Ice and Fire.

The Way of the Primordial Dragon is an arcane culture and spiritual paradigm of magical praxis earthed through the timeless foundations of sorcery from East and West. The draconian system of hidden gnosis is both ancient and universal in its roots of initiatory historicity, yet also perfectly adapted to the modern reality and current esoteric formulae of our world. Not merely lost and forgotten in a distant past of myth and legend, the Tradition of Ice and Fire remains alive and strong through the torchbearers of dragon blood, daring to carry the secret flames of the Primordial Dragon towards the future. It is a spiritual path established by personal liberation and inner equilibrium, seeking no followers and discarding the public limelight, being imperiously immune to outside opinion and vain criticism, as it can only be embraced through absolute freedom.

Here distilled through the cultural lens of Northern Europe and its uncorrupted pagan genesis of old, capable of providing a platform and spiritual cornerstone to a framework of adversarial sorcery that is embraced by our local Covens, the Tradition of the Primordial Dragon is not restricted to a single paradigm or individual culture as it not only incorporates but also celebrates its diversity through our legacies in the East and their profound ramifications across Asia. However, it remains of relevance to detail that integration and inclusion through diversity within a higher understanding does not signify tolerance for feeble eclecticism or uneducated cultural appropriation via the amalgamation of divergent civilizations and their esoteric roots without a firmly established seed overlapping their underlying mysteries.

Ice and Fire

The acosmic union of Ice and Fire as a core element of this tradition represents the abyssal emergence of otherness before time and creation. A momentum of sorcerous manifestation that gestated the cosmic duality that makes completeness possible — the daunting seeds that precede death and life — through the formation of the abominating realms of the abyss: the eternal ice of Niflheimr and the everburning fire of Muspellheimr. Such is the mystery behind the genesis of giants and the primal emergence of the Great Dragon, an ouroboric paradox that has no true beginning and knows no end.

Through this alchemical union of gargantuan proportions, dragon magic was planted within the roots of the timeless World Tree; an omen of fierce and untamable power that would echo throughout the countless eras of humanity, yet representing nothing but fleeting moments to the piercing Eye of the Dragon. The poisonous Eitr generated by such unfathomable cataclysm echoes in the Blood of Dragons as intense and vigorous flames of icy blue and fiery red, a sacred ether and infernal elixir impervious to the corruption of humanity and incessantly burning the tainted tendrils of false demiurges. Collapsing the mystical trees that have no seed and bear no fruit, such venom is the horrifying abomination of the dishonest, a gruesome nightmare within the sleeping sarcophagus of those enslaved by matter, yet it provides a painful alchemy to cast the elusive magic of the ancients, capable of furnishing sincere devotees with the hidden gnosis of both the cosmos and the void.

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