Arcana Of Ice and Fire

A profound study of the initiatory mysteries found within the arcane symbolism of the tarot here distilled through magic and art from the hidden gnosis of the Tradition of the Primordial Dragon as manifest sorcerous points of ingress and mystical gateways to the loyal devotees of the forbidden path. 

VII Horse


Major Arcana
4 Air


Minor Arcana
Prince Earth


Court Arcana

An Encoded Tool of Sorcery

The Arcana of Ice and Fire is a talismanic deck of cards that was designed to be used in regular magical practice, ritual and meditation rather than simple divination and augury. Each arcanum emerges as a transcendental gateway of the sorcerous arts that can be empowered and wielded by the initiated. Drinking from animistic and shamanistic sources of gnosis from past and present, as well as aligning its esoteric language with the traditional RWS system of the tarot and its kabbalistic exegesis, but expanding upon it with added talismanic symbolism and initiatory spellcrafting, this deck is a potent tool of sorcery that can be employed through various methods in the magical operations of witchcraft, inner spiritual explorations, sephiro-qliphothic pathworking and devotional theurgical communion, particularly within the praxis aligned with the Current of the Dragon.

When properly mastered by the wise student of the occult arts and distanced from the scope of mundane prophecy, the tarot emerges as an accurate representation of the cosmos and underworld like a dynamic book of initiation. Here purified and refined through the brazing and glacial mysteries of the Primordial Dragon, the Arcana of Ice and Fire was created for the serious seekers of the ancient arts and initiates of this tradition, not a gem for collectors to gather dust on a shelf or a trivial occult tool for the hobbyist. These cards are meant to be experienced, touched, embraced and lived…


Seeing value in both the power of simplicity as well as in the intricacy of layered symbolism, these arcana will embrace the dual sides of traditional esoteric teaching, from deceptively simplistic imagery that can only be unveiled by a sensitive inner eye while not looking, to the more elaborate strata of mystical code that should also take long to decipher. Each card can be explored as a unique portal of ingress into the realms of magic and their forbidden tunnels of gnosis, bearing keys to the mysteries of Death and Life while concealing fruitful teachings and presenting challenging esoteric trials of their own, oftentimes veiled through the underestimated powers of simplicity. Some will only be able to see what is presented at surface and end up deceived by the veneer, but others shall humbly swim deeply into the abyssal waters and return to the surface bearing precious gems of inner clarity.

The creative and mystical process behind the manifestation of this tool into life has been intricate and intuitive, requiring considerable personal effort through ritual, theurgy and communion. Mixing organic tools of the arts, subconscious drawing, digital editing and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence fine-tuned to esoteric application, this project unifies the old with the new through an elegant dance of classic art and modern engineering. The artistic ingenuity of each arcanum condenses more than just a veiled idea of its traditional mysteries, but has been effectively crafted through the cyphers of initiatory keywords and magical utterances that are not public knowledge and hereby exposed through symbolism and art in a way that can only be pierced by the subconscious mind of the adept.

The Arcana of Ice and Fire was created by master occultist Luis Marques from Europe; published author in the fields of occult initiation and metaphysics with a long established legacy of magical development and spiritual teachings at esoteric Orders and traditional Covens, he is the revolutionary mastermind behind several grimoires of the last few decades and a unique mentor in the scholarly fields of psychology and magic. The First Edition will be limited to 333 unique copies printed on premium paper featuring an added black core at the center. Each deck is accompanied by a velvet bag to store it and a Certificate of Authenticity that can double as a talismanic gateway to be placed upon an altar of the current, printed through a sophisticated holographic foil technique and gilded edging on linen paper. The unique certificate is hand-numbered and then manually embossed with a magical sigil at the sovereign Primordial Dragon Temple in Europe.
Featuring a total of ninety cards, this system pioneers a new esoteric formula developed by the creator as both artist and occultist, while also expanding on previous iterations with entirely redesigned art to the seventy-eight cards of the traditional tarot paired to a First Edition cover card, one Primordial Dragon card, three Triad cards and seven Dragon Talisman cards, unifying the mysteries of Ice and Fire through a manifested tool of Dragon Magic that is both exquisite and profound.
With our passion for nature and the safeguarding of the environment in mind, there was a committed effort in the sourcing of materials to dramatically reduce plastics in both packaging and products, with a result that can be fully recycled and that echoes our dedication and responsibility towards the natural world that cradles our physical existence.
The First Edition will be made available to initiates directly through select Covens and Orders, as well as stocked at our local online distributor found in the link via the dragon medallion below. Please do not purchase this sorcerous tool as a collector’s item, capriciously on impulse, without a committed intent of genuine practice with the tradition, or in large quantities, as it is adamantly intended for the exclusive use of real world devotees and initiates of the Path of the Dragon.


An artisanal tool of sorcery and the magical arts tailored for the serious practitioner that adamantly distinguishes itself from mass market productions, as a solemn marriage of heart and soul manifested by the humble hands of inestimable mastery, the Arcana of Ice and Fire is now available.

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